Statue of Lord Glenconner

Glenconner Society Members

Tatiana and Gerret Copeland
Kathy and William Doyle
Melissa and Gregory Fleming
Jocelin G. Hamblett
Dee and Tommy Hilfiger
Mary Wells Lawrence
Peter Lynch
Bruce and Jim Murray
Sarah and Craig Richardson
The Stroll Family
Thomas W. Toomey
Nancy Young and Paul Ford


Michael S. Smith and James Costos


Virginia and Thomas Collier (The Comegys Bidgt Charitable Foundation)
Maguy Le Coze
The Armand G Erpf Fund
Marie, John and Claire Evans
Jennifer Ezring
Lorna and Edwin Goodman (ANROL Foundation)
Anne Parker and Teddy Gottwald
Anne Beverly and Freeman Jones
Karolyn and Jerry Lewandowski
Shelly and Anthony Malkin (Ripple Foundation)
Tristan and Martin Mannion
David Rogers

Diane and Sam Sugden


Devon Fredericks
Samia and Tom Morgan
Marianne Tesler


Mib and Paul S. Braun
Lucinda and Peter Charlton
Samantha and Nabil Chatouni
Gina and Colby Crenshaw (Cthree Advisory LLC)
Sharon Davis (Sharon S Davis Foundation Inc)
Ron and Sasha Ellis
Karla Evans
Susan Sheehan and Bud Fisher
Susan and Alan Green
Jeanette Gugelman
Andrea Fahnestock and George Hambrecht
Sara and Mott Hupfel

Nora and Jack Kerr
Peggy Koenig
George Loening
Deborah A. Marsella and Kenneth Pizzo Sr
Leila and William Morton
Monica and Walter Noel (Walter and Noel Family Foundation)

Lyn and Glenn Reiter
Diana and Jonathan Rose (Lostand Foundation)
Rozanne and Charles Scrase
Caroline and Eric Shaw
Michele and Ryerson Symons
Thomas Toomey
Paula Wolff
Peter Young and Merit Janow


Catherine and John Arsala
Sami Arslanlar and John Cutts
Bertrand Buchin and Marc Scarduffa
Kathy and Gregory Carey
Basil Charles
Noelle and Stuart Diamond
Margaret Douglas-Hamilton
Frances and Paul Elston
Andrew Farnsworth and Patricia Ryan
Bill Flemming and Steve Zeliadt
Amy and Andrew Green
Pamela Howard and Wynn Laffey
Richard Jacoby
Jennifer L. Jennings and Giles Meredith-Jones
Rebecca Beck Johnson
Joana and Jason Kliot
Heather Plester and Robin Mackay
Boulie and James Marlas
Susan and Ian McColough
Nicholas Michalak
Alison Myners
Barbaree Nielsen and Jeffrey Kanter
Susan Rollo Palm and Gregory Palm
Charlie Pasciucco
Carrie and Steve Rosenfield
Lynn M. and John F. Savarese
Warner Shook and Frank Swim
Mary Ryan and Frode Foss-Skiftesvik
Susan Sommer Schweitzman
Peggy Stephaich Guinness
Andrea Tennant
Lynn and Richard Thoman
Deborah van Eck and Daniel Blanc
Christina Weis
Priscilla and Chris Whittle