The Mustique Charitable Foundation is dedicated to helping those who are in need in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

In 2019-2020 we are funding:

  • 240 vocational scholarships at the St. Vincent and Grenadines Community College and four Technical Institutes including 92 for at-risk youth in an innovative summer program held at SVG Community College.
  • 7 surgical teams (urology, general surgery, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, cardiology, and two orthopedic) providing diagnoses/surgeries for more than 350 Vincentian children;
  • the purchase of 4,000 books for 13 primary schools and 5 secondary schools reaching some 5,500 students; remedial reading kits in 5 high schools; and
  • literacy teachers who cover close to 90 schools and reach some 19,300 students.

Beyond the statistics, there is story after story of a child who can rise out of a wheelchair and lead a normal, happy childhood after a life-changing operation, a young starting reader where the doors of literacy have been opened and the light of opportunity begins to shine in, a jobless and dispirited youth given the opportunity to learn a skill and feel the vital surge of pride in accomplishment so necessary for a productive life. These stories are worth repeating.