Health Projects – General Surgery – January 2018

World Pediatric Project General Surgery Team

World Pediatric Project General Surgery Team

General Surgery Team

  • 40 children in St. Vincent received diagnostic evaluations
  • 8 children in St. Vincent received surgeries

The team's week began with a very busy clinic day with 59 children and families who patiently waited for their opportunity to be evaluated by this WPP specialist team.  Many of the children received surgery last year, and were back for their follow-up examination. 

WPP prioritizes follow-up care as a vital component to the quality, comprehensive care approach so core to the WPP patient care philosophy.


This is the fifth year the WPP general surgery team from Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, has traveled to Milton Cato Memorial Hospital to provide advanced pediatric diagnostic and surgical care to children of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Lead surgeon, Dr John Lukish, together with a team of seven support personnel, treated children with a wide spectrum of medical conditions.

Hailey, 10 months

is a beautiful bouncing baby girl, but would have "nothing of" Dr. Lukish attempting to examine her until a little extra coaxing by her mom!

Medical procedure - successful excision of cyst and follow-up next January.


Dylon, 10 years

born with Down Syndrome and congenital heart disease.  WPP first met him as a baby through a diagnostic cardiac clinic which led to his mother and him traveling to Richmond for open heart surgery when he was 3 years old.  He loves to hug everyone, and will periodically break out into song and dance.

Medical procedure - received a laparoscopic ventral hernia repair.

Renaya, 3 years

was understandably frightened to be at the large clinic and to be closely evaluated by the WPP general surgery team.  Renaya wouldn't speak or allow anyone to touch her unless her daddy was by her side.  Her recovery was amazing and by the next day she was back to her old self.

Medical procedure - received disimpaction and anal dilation.  Put on a maintenance regimen and follow-up next January.


Ameka, 8 years

was very quiet and bashful all day long during clinic and until her surgical procedure was completed.  Then the WPP team saw the first smile!

Medical procedure - thyroid mass was removed via a right hemi thyroidectomy.


Brittney, 17 years

who came to the WPP with her entire extended family.  It is obvious she is loved and adored!  She looked very quiet but did express worry about how she looked (a normal teenager!).  She also said she was anxious to get back to school.

Medical procedure - right intra muscular chest mass, which was excised.  She needs no further care, just a follow-up next January.

Yannick, 20 years

with a long and steady history of receiving specialized medical care through WPP since falling from a mango tree 10 years ago which caused a spinal cord injury, paralyzing him below the waist.  He has experienced multiple other associated conditions requiring medical care from five distinct pediatric sub-specialty teams totaling 34 visits with WPP surgical teams including general surgery, urology, plastics, reconstructive, neurosurgery and physical therapy.