The Mustique Charitable Foundation is dedicated to helping those who are in need in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

This year we are funding:

  • 150 partial vocational scholarships at the St. Vincent and Grenadines Community College and four Technical Institutes;
  • an innovative summer program held at the SVG Community College for 92 at-risk youths;
  • seven surgical teams (urology, general surgery, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, cardiology, and two orthopedic) providing diagnoses/surgeries for more than 350 Vincentian children;
  • the purchase of 4,000 books for 13 primary schools and 5 secondary schools reaching some 5,500 students; remedial reading kits in 5 high schools; and
  • literacy teachers who cover close to 90 schools and reach some 19,300 students.

Beyond the statistics, there is story after story of a child who can rise out of a wheelchair and lead a normal, happy childhood after a life-changing operation, a young starting reader where the closed door of illiteracy has been opened and the light of opportunity begins to shine in, a jobless and dispirited youth given the opportunity to learn a skill and feel the vital surge of pride in accomplishment so necessary for a productive life. These stories are worth repeating.

Hands Across the Sea Project – August 2019

Here are some of the wonderful thank you cards we received from students of the schools we support with this fantastic project.  With your support we are able to ensure these students have access to a huge number of books and learning materials.

Bequia SDA Secondary School

Biabou Methodist Primary School - back

Biabou Methodist Primary School - front

C.W. Prescod Primary School

Colonarie Government School

Evesham Methodist School

Fitz-Hughes Government School

Kingstown Preparatory School-back

Kingstown Preparatory School-front

Lowmans Leeward Anglican School

Marriaqua Government School

New Grounds Primary School

SVG Community College DTVE Youth Employment Skills Summer Program

The Mustique Charitable Foundation funds the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College DTVE Youth Employability Skills Summer program.  The program runs for 7 weeks and covers 4 applied vocational skills courses: garment production, basic electrical installation, bar operation and service, vehicle engine systems, soft skills and human relations, and basic record keeping, costing and estimation.

There are 92 students enrolled in the program this year.  Representing MCF at the July 11th opening ceremony were MCF Chairman Roger Pritchard, Project Director Dularie Malcolm, and Sheena Child.

Read the article in The Vincentian Newspaper

Health Projects – WPP Neurosurgery – June 2019

Sunday June 8 was a very busy clinic day for the WPP neurosurgery team, a total of 58 patients were seen for diagnostic evaluations or follow-up from previous surgeries, many of whom were from St. Vincent.

Dr.Gary Tye

SVG Community College Graduation Ceremony 2019

We are proud to introduce the Graduates from St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, 2019.  All recipients of the Mustique Charitable Foundation scholarships.

Congratulations to Diondre Sampson, the top performer in the Certificate in Automotive Repairs Technology Program, and Daniel Bess, the top performer in the Associate Degree in Culinary Arts program.

Diondre Sampson

Chrisbeth Morgan

Daniel Bess

Terisa Harry

Sunil Fergus

Shackeem Tash

Ronoldo Dabriel

Mekeisha Bacchus

Kengie Lockhart

Delroy Adams

Odorie Scott

Barouallie Technical Institute Graduation Ceremony 2019

We are proud to announce that thirty-six students have successfully graduated from Barrouallie Technical Institute (BARTECH).  The students received certificates in Data Operations, Commercial Food Preparation, Food and Drink Services, and Garment Production.  With your generous donations, we were able to provide 20 scholarships.

BARTECH's mission is to provide opportunities for students to develop the knowledge, skills and training necessary to excel in their fields in any country.

The awards presentation ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at the Barrouallie Learning Resource Centre under the motto: “Training Hands and Minds, Maximizing Potentials.”

Click here to read the complete article from the Asberth News Network

Dularie Malcolm of the Mustique Charitable Foundation (centre) with some of the female graduates.

Dularie Malcolm and Pearlette Primus-Hannaway

Pearlette Primus-Hannaway, principal of BARTECH told the participants that their enrollment and completion of their respective courses showed their determination to improve their standards of living and to make a meaningful contribution to the development of their families and the country.  She urged the graduands to continue upgrading themselves and that level 1 is only the beginning.

Read the complete Searchlight article here

Health Projects – Opthamology – February 2019

World Pediatric Project Opthamology Team

World Pediatric Project Opthamology Team

Dr. Donna Brown, Virginia Eye Institute

Dr. Donna Brown, Virginia Eye Institute

Dr. Donna Brown of Virginia Eye Institute and her team returned to St. Vincent for the 17th annual World Pediatric Project pediatric ophthalmology mission to its partner hospital Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. The ophthalmology team traveled February 9-16, 2019 and consisted of Dr. Brown, anesthesiologist Dr. Marvin Shapiro, OR nurse Lisa Sizemore and CRNA Mary O’Hanley. Dr. Brown has been providing medical services in the region for over 20 years and continues to strengthen relationships in the region, helping WPP to provide the best quality of care.

Over the years Dr. Brown has built strong working relationships with local ophthalmologists Dr. Cherrise Grant-Ledger and Dr. Orly Adams in St. Vincent, who triage and present appropriate cases for the mission week and with whom she works to provide follow up care the remainder of the year. Dr. Brown also collaborates closely with the local team throughout the surgical week, including WPP’s E.C. Medical Director Dr. Bea Datta.

50 consultations – 49 from St. Vincent and the Grenadines
21 surgeries completed
Most common conditions treated: strabismus, ptosis, congenital cataracts

Future, Isis, Micah

Future, Isis, Micah

An entire family of children, 4 year old Future (left), 3 year old Isis (center), and 1 year old Micah (right) have received services through Dr. Brown’s annual eye team. All three children were born with congenital cataracts, which can run in families. Both Isis and Future had to travel to Richmond, VA to receive cataract surgery with Dr. Donna Brown at Virginia Eye Institute.

This year, thanks to the addition of a specialized microscope, brother and sister plus the new addition to the family stayed in the comfort of their home-island for further follow-up treatment. Micah, the youngest sibling, received cataract surgery during the week without the time and expense of traveling to the US for surgery.

Khaliya – 18 months old

Khaliya – 18 months old

You would never know Khaliya had congenital strabismus, she is very lively at 18 months old. If not treated, over time her strabismus would severely hinder her vision and she would need to wear heavy glasses.

We're happy to say that she underwent surgery and is doing quite well, mom is overjoyed with the outcome of her surgery.

Preston – 5 years old

Preston – 5 years old

Preston Jr. is a 5 year old Vincentian boy whose mom happens to be a recovery room nurse at Milton Cato Hospital. He was sitting in the recovery room waiting for her, when Dr. Brown noticed him and was told he had previously had an accident where he poked himself in the eye.

Dr. Brown evaluated him and noted a corneal laceration which she and the WPP team could repair on the next day’s surgery schedule. After a short period of healing, he will be fully back to normal vision

Thank you, Mustique Charitable Foundation

Health Projects – Orthopedics – September 2018

World Pediatric Project Team

World Pediatric Project Orthopedics Surgical Team

In partnership with Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, Dr. Eric Gordon from St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Shriners Hospital returned this year with his committed team of medical professionals. While Dr. Gordon has been travelling to St. Vincent every other April, he added this September team a few years ago to catch up with the backlog of patients needing orthopedic intervention. Dr. Gordon brought with him a team of four medical professionals and an instrumentation representative from OrthoPediatrics.

56 children and their families attended the clinic on Sunday. The team had 133 consults, and 17 procedures were completed during the week. The majority of the children came from St. Vincent and the Grenadines with others coming from Dominica, Grenada, and St. Lucia. Many of the children had received surgery the previous year or this past April and were back for their follow-up visits with the orthopedic team.

The Orthopedic Surgical Team (from left to right)

  • Anne Koncki - Director of Volunteers, World Pediatric Project
  • Jacob Rowe - Instrumentation Representative OrthoPediatrics
  • Dr. Craig Smith - Orthopedic Surgery Fellow, St. Louis Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Robert Moore - Anesthesiologist, St. Louis Children’s/Shriners Hospital
  • Melissa Eagan - Orthopedic Nurse, St. Louis Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Eric Gordon - Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon, St. Louis Children’s/Shriners Hospital
  • Kim Cordia - Recovery Nurse, St. Louis Children’s Hospital

1 year old Ciel

Ciel is a sweet little one-year old girl who came to her first clinic.

Medical Condition and Procedure - Ciel has internal tibial torsion or more commonly known as intoeing or “pigeon-toed.” The recommendation was deep foot massage, and Ciel’s condition is gradually improving. She was discharged from this clinic with no further follow-up needed. 




Reenique approaches all activities in a helpful manner. In school, she does everything from tying kids’ shoes to cleaning up after them. When she graduated from preschool, she won the award for Most Helpful Student. Learning this was no surprise after seeing Reenique spend the morning of her own surgery entertaining other kids. Despite her eyes welling up with tears upon learning it was time to undergo surgery for her Blount’s Disease with Dr. Gordon’s orthopedic team, Reenique displayed great strength after the procedure. Her work-hard attitude came in handy during physical therapy, and she left the hospital with a smile, ready to return to school and continue helping others.

Medical Condition and Procedure - Reenique has Blount’s disease, and she had procedures to address the severe bowing of her legs on this trip. She will follow up with the team on the next visit.


6 year old Akeeran

Akeeran is a handsome six-year-old young boy who has challenges walking due to his medical condition.

Medical Condition and Procedure - Akeeron has a club foot which means the foot is twisted out of shape from its normal position. The patient had heel cord lengthening which is a minimally invasive approach to lengthen his Achilles tendon. He will have a follow-up visit with the team within the next six months.


14 year-old Kareem

is an intense young man who was having some pain in his foot when at home and school.

Medical Condition and Procedure - Fourteen-year-old Kareem came to the clinic for an evaluation of a foot deformity. He had mild pain when walking long distances and standing all day. His problem was worse when he wore sandals. The recommendation was to wear a supportive shoe and inserts as needed. Kareem should come back to the next clinic.



18 year-old Martin

at 18 years of age is one of the older patients who comes to the clinic.

Medical Condition and Procedure - Martin has sickle cell anemia which is an inherited form of anemia – a condition in which there aren’t enough healthy blood cells to carry adequate oxygen throughout your body. He was already a patient on the ward with a sickle cell crisis, and he was having hip pain. The recommendation is hip abduction which is the movement of the leg away from the midline of the body, and to refer Martin to the US next year for possible surgery.



19 year-old Madonna

is a beautiful girl who has been embarrassed by the way she walks because of her club foot.

Medical Condition and Procedure - Madonna had an external fixator placed by the April 2018 orthopedic surgery team to correct her club foot on the right side, and this surgery in September was to remove the fixator after five months of correction. This visit was the necessary follow-up. Physical therapy worked with her to help with mobility after the fixator was removed.



Hands Across the Sea – Handing Over Ceremony

On Thursday 11th October, 2018, the Handing Over Ceremony of the Library resources from Hands Across the Sea (Hands) was held at the Conference Room of the Curriculum Unit of the Ministry of Education.

Hands, in collaboration with Mustique Charitable Foundation and Bank of Nova Scotia, was able to acquire 18,872 books and 8 Remedial Reading Kits which will be distributed subsequently.

30 schools in St. Vincent and the Grenadines will benefit from the distribution of the books with 20 Primary Schools and 2 Secondary Schools receiving books and 8 Secondary Schools receiving remedial reading kits, an increase from the 5 kits distributed in prior year.

There was a very colorful and well-arranged display of some of the books at the venue which showcased books relevant and relatable to Caribbean students.

Brief remarks were made by Enna Bullock (Hands-Literacy Link), Yvette Pompey (Hands-Literacy Link), Deborah Charles (Parliamentary Secretary-Ministry of Education) and Elizabeth Walker (Deputy Chief Education Officer), who all conveyed thanks to Mustique Charitable Foundation and Bank of Nova Scotia.

A very creative and interactive Choral Speaking accompanied by a drummer was performed by students of the CW Prescod Primary School which depicted their gratitude and excitement for receiving Hands books.

Several speakers conveyed theirs thanks to Lavinia Gunn for her tremendous contribution to Literacy over the last decade.

Deborah Charles said that she was very pleased to see books of different learning levels and was extremely pleased to see books targeting boys which would encourage the boys to read. 

Kathleen Joyles, principal of Marriaqua Government School and a previous recipient of Hands books, did a reflection of the impact of Hands books. She advised that parents were also coming to the Library to read the books, so much so that she created a section in the Library for parents.

Subsequently, parents were coming to the classroom to demonstrate their reading skills, becoming more interactive in their children’s learning and also now more equipped to help their children. Hence it can be said that the books not only impacted positively on the students but also on the entire family and the community as a whole.

Youth Employability Program 2018

Electrical Installation & Maintenance: 23 trainees

Certificates Presentation for the Youth Employability Program and Associate Degree Awards Presentation for 2018-2019 Bursaries

The Youth Employability Program is a five week program targeting unskilled, vulnerable and disadvantaged youths.  There are 94 trainees who will participate in courses on commercial food preparation, nail care, air conditioning and refrigeration, as well as entrepreneurship and basic math.  
The Barrouallie Technical Institute partial scholarships cover meals for 20 "at-risk" trainees in courses on data operations, building construction, food and drinks service, garment construction, and food preparation over an academic year.  

The Youth Employability Program had 94 young participants in four skill areas:

  • Introductory Plumbing - 22 trainees
  • Refrigeration & AC Repairs & Maintenance - 22 trainees
  • Electrical Installation & Maintenance - 23 trainees
  • Commercial Food Preparation - 27 trainees

Refrigeration & AC Repairs & Maintenance: 22 trainees

Commercial Food Preparation: 27 trainees

Introductory Plumbing: 22 trainees

Opening remarks were made by Janelle Allen, Deputy Dean of DTVE, who thanked the Mustique Charitable Foundation for its continued contribution to the DTVE.

Osborne Bowens, Dean of DTVE, also commended the Mustique Charitable Foundation for its collaboration with DTVE to bring the Youth Employability Program to fruition.  Mr. Bowens, the initiator of this program, highlighted the importance of technically trained professionals and the part they play in the development of our society and our country as a whole.

Hon St. Clair Prince, Minister of Education, made brief remarks thanking the Foundation.

77 participants got certificates of successful completion, 16 participants got certificates of participation and 1 participant was unable to complete the course.

There was a sense of pride and accomplishment from the graduates of the Youth Employability program and Mr. Bowens indicated that 3 students who participated in Commercial Food Preparation were employed subsequent to the training.

Participants in the Youth Employability Program were also very grateful and excited about receiving their individual starter kits which are intended to assist them in their field of expertise. It can be said that the Youth Employability Program with a pass rate of 82% was a success and a viable venture on the part of the Mustique Charitable Foundation.

Following the Certificate Presentation, 11 Associate Degree Scholarships for academic year 2018-2019 were disbursed to qualified recipients who were identified by SVGCC-DTVE in the following programs:

  • Hospitality Studies – 3
  • Culinary Arts – 3
  • Electrical Engineering Technology – 2
  • Agricultural Science & Entrepreneurship – 1
  • Information and Communication Technology – 1
  • Office Administration – 1

Surgery Teams Grant Summary: 2017–2018

From 2017 – 2018, together with the World Pediatric Project, we reached 159 Vincentian children as follows:

General surgery diagnostics for 40 and surgeries for 8

Urology diagnostics for 36 and surgeries for 6

Orthopedic diagnostics for 83 and surgeries for 19

Health Projects – Orthopedics – April 2018

World Pediatric Project Team

World Pediatric Project Orthopedics Surgical Team

  • 83 children in St Vincent received diagnostic evaluations
  • 19 children in St Vincent received surgeries
Especially within the orthopedic pediatric speciality, WPP sees most of their patients for a number of years to fully complete multiple stages of surgical correction for the most prevalent orthopedic conditions.  The following bright faces are just a few of the St. Vincent children the WPP team looks forward to seeing each year.

8 year old Jadiel

has a congenital hip and leg length discrepancy and had hip surgery last year to implant plates to reinforce the viability of his hip function.  This year the WPP team removed these plates to further strengthen the hip and prepare for the next stage of surgery to correct his leg length issue.  Jadiel will travel to St. Louis next year for the first of two surgeries with the final surgery likely occurring in 2020.


2 1/2 year old Cregg

was born with severe Blounts disease, a condition often referred to as "bow legged". Because of WPP's consistency of sending orthopedic diagnostic and surgery teams to St. Vincent, Cregg's parents sought help when he was just a little more than a year old, the ideal time to begin monitoring and intervention.  Plates were surgically implanted this year to progressively correct this bone deformity.  This is a significantly less invasive, intensive and painful approach to the surgical correction technique which occurs when Blounts is untreated and allowed to progress to a severe status.


5 year old Hope

Now 5 years old, Hope's healing journey began with World Pediatric Project at just one week of age.  Born with a congenital condition causing severe muscle and joint constriction, Hope's parents were originally told she would be confined to a wheelchair for life  Yet, because of the consistency of WPP's orthopedic surgery mission to St. Vincent every year, Hope has received steady corrective care needed to support her growing mobility, including now walking and soon the ability to run.  This year, Hope underwent a procedure to assist the movement and functionality of her right arm.


St. Vincent Children Receiving Surgery

Pediatric orthopedic specialist care is the most prominent diagnostic and treatment needed for children in St. Vincent and throughout the region.  The varied congenital and acquired conditions within the orthopedic specialty often require multiple stages of surgical correction over a period of years, beginning with early diagnosis and treatment.  WPP's capability to send multiple teams each year to St. Vincent and to utilize two operating theaters is significant in meeting this need, and ultimately meeting WPP's Transormation2023 goal of providing 100% access to pediatric advanced medical care.

Danielle, 5 years

Lia, 15 years

Sage, 6 years

Sherry-Ann, 18 years

Hailey, 3 1/2 years

Karen, 13 years

Aria, 13 years

Zhinga, 12 years

Jenny, 11 years

Madonna, 19 years

Jenissa, 13 years

Giovorny, 18 years

Julia, 8 years

Otalia, 2 years

Shay-Nece, 17 years

Prince, 13 years

Health Projects – General Surgery – January 2018

World Pediatric Project General Surgery Team

World Pediatric Project General Surgery Team

General Surgery Team

  • 40 children in St. Vincent received diagnostic evaluations
  • 8 children in St. Vincent received surgeries

The team's week began with a very busy clinic day with 59 children and families who patiently waited for their opportunity to be evaluated by this WPP specialist team.  Many of the children received surgery last year, and were back for their follow-up examination. 

WPP prioritizes follow-up care as a vital component to the quality, comprehensive care approach so core to the WPP patient care philosophy.


This is the fifth year the WPP general surgery team from Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, has traveled to Milton Cato Memorial Hospital to provide advanced pediatric diagnostic and surgical care to children of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Lead surgeon, Dr John Lukish, together with a team of seven support personnel, treated children with a wide spectrum of medical conditions.

Hailey, 10 months

is a beautiful bouncing baby girl, but would have "nothing of" Dr. Lukish attempting to examine her until a little extra coaxing by her mom!

Medical procedure - successful excision of cyst and follow-up next January.


Dylon, 10 years

born with Down Syndrome and congenital heart disease.  WPP first met him as a baby through a diagnostic cardiac clinic which led to his mother and him traveling to Richmond for open heart surgery when he was 3 years old.  He loves to hug everyone, and will periodically break out into song and dance.

Medical procedure - received a laparoscopic ventral hernia repair.

Renaya, 3 years

was understandably frightened to be at the large clinic and to be closely evaluated by the WPP general surgery team.  Renaya wouldn't speak or allow anyone to touch her unless her daddy was by her side.  Her recovery was amazing and by the next day she was back to her old self.

Medical procedure - received disimpaction and anal dilation.  Put on a maintenance regimen and follow-up next January.


Ameka, 8 years

was very quiet and bashful all day long during clinic and until her surgical procedure was completed.  Then the WPP team saw the first smile!

Medical procedure - thyroid mass was removed via a right hemi thyroidectomy.


Brittney, 17 years

who came to the WPP with her entire extended family.  It is obvious she is loved and adored!  She looked very quiet but did express worry about how she looked (a normal teenager!).  She also said she was anxious to get back to school.

Medical procedure - right intra muscular chest mass, which was excised.  She needs no further care, just a follow-up next January.

Yannick, 20 years

with a long and steady history of receiving specialized medical care through WPP since falling from a mango tree 10 years ago which caused a spinal cord injury, paralyzing him below the waist.  He has experienced multiple other associated conditions requiring medical care from five distinct pediatric sub-specialty teams totaling 34 visits with WPP surgical teams including general surgery, urology, plastics, reconstructive, neurosurgery and physical therapy.


Health Projects – Pediatric Urology – October 2017

World Pediatric Project Urology

World Pediatric Project - Pediatric Urology

Pediatric Urology Team

  • 36 children in St. Vincent received diagnostic evaluations
  • 6 children in St. Vincent received surgeries

Conditions Treated:

  • Hypospadias
  • Undescended testicles
  • Bladder stones
  • Hydrocele
  • Ectopic ureter

Dr. Doug Coplen, Pediatric Urology Surgeon

Jeanne Vogt, OR Nurse

Mary Campigotto, Nurse

Dr. Thomas Bohannon, Anesthesiologist

On Clinic day we were visited by a very special guest, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves

Mustique Charitable Foundation Projects 2017

The Mustique Charitable Foundation became active in 2016 and had seven projects in 2017:

  • Funding close to 70 vocational scholarships at St. Vincent and the Grenadines Division of Technical and Vocational Education and the Division of Teacher’s Education, the Barrouallie Technical Institute, and Trinity Medical School
  • Funding the Mustique Children in Need Fund for the 7 children whose parents perished in the tragedy at sea in the summer of 2016
  • Funding at least three surgical teams to travel to St. Vincent to perform orthopedic, urologic, and general surgery on Vincentian children
  • Funding the purchase of over 4,000 books for 11 primary schools in St. Vincent
Division of Technical and Vocational Education

2017 Projects

Division of Technical and Vocational Education

Division of Technical and Vocational Education of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College

We have funded 33 partial scholarships covering 80% of tuition, course fees, travel & meal costs.

  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Architecture and Building Construction Technology
  • Business Studies: Accounting
  • Business Studies: Sales and Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • Office Administration
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology
  • Automotive Repairs Technology
  • Agricultural Science and Entrepreneurship
  • Culinary Arts
  • Hospitality Studies

Click here to read more about the scholarship recipients.

Barouallie Technical Institute

Barouallie Technical Institute

Barouallie Technical Institute

We have funded 20 partial vocational scholarships at the Barouallie Technical Institute.

Afiyah Hamilton

Afiyah Hamilton

Danieka Keil

Danieka Keil

Kayasha Lewis

Kayasha Lewis

Nichola Warren

Nichola Warren

Philicia Douglas

Philicia Douglas

Cadecia Samuel

Cadecia Samuel

Deron Morgan

Deron Morgan

Lauricia Francois

Lauricia Francois

Okalah Jeffery

Okalah Jeffery

Shanelle Douglas

Okalah Jeffery

Candora Burkley

Candora Burkley

Isha Slater

Isha Slater

Liz Ann Pierre

Liz Ann Pierre

Oransue Richardson

Oransue Richardson

Sue Zorne Davis

Sue Zorne Davis

Curtland Robinson

Curtland Robinson

Jodicia Samuel

Jodicia Samuel

Malika Bulze

Malika Bulze

Pateisha Thomas

Pateisha Thomas

Waynesha Ollivierre

Waynesha Ollivierre

The Division of Teacher Education of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College

We have funded 10 partial vocational scholarships at The Division of Teacher Education of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College.

The Division of Teacher Education of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College

Dean, Mrs. Harriette Da Silva

Dean, Mrs. Harriette Da Silva

Trinity School of Medicine

Medical Training Scholarships

We have funded 4 partial scholarships to Vincentian students at Trinity School of Medicine during their clerkships in the U.S.

Mustique Children in Need

The Mustique Children in Need Fund

The Mustique Children in Need Fund will be able to significantly help the 7 children whose parents perished in the recent tragedy at sea.

WPP Walking Tall Project

World Pediatric Project

Working with the World Pediatric Project to send at least 3 surgical teams to St. Vincent to perform urological, orthopedic and general diagnostic care and surgery on Vincentian children.

Hands Across the Sea

Working with Hands Across the Sea to purchase 4,144 books for 11 primary schools in St. Vincent to help improve the literacy rate.

Read more about the Hands Across the Sea Project here...

Cane End Government School

Cane End Government School

Park Hill Government School

Park Hill Government School

Richland Park Government School

Richland Park Government School

South Rivers Methodist Primary School

South Rivers Methodist Primary School

SVG Community College Graduation Ceremony

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College 8th Graduation Ceremony

SVG Community College Graduation Ceremony

Shenika Samuel, Top Performer of the Business Studies: Accounting programme also received the DTVE Divisional Award for Excellence, graduating with the highest Grade Point Average in the Division. She also delivered the Valedictorian Address at the Graduation Ceremony, sharing her story as an inspiration to others to aspire to achieve in spite of life's challenging circumstances.

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College held its 8th Annual Graduation Ceremony on Tuesday June 27th, 2017 under the theme "Dream, Achieve, Live!". Twenty of the 2016-2017 Mustique Charitable Foundation Scholarship recipients received Associate Degrees and Certificates having successfully completed their programmes of study.

The scholarship recipients performed commendably, with six of them emerging as Top Performers in their programmes:

Kevron Abraham - Architecture and Building Construction Technology
Alexey Gibson - Electrical Engineering Technology
Debra Dopwell - Information and Communication Technology
Maxwell Pompey - Business Studies: Sales and Marketing
Shenika Samuel - Business Studies: Accounting
Kaynella Nicholls - Agricultural Science and Entrepreneurship

Also graduating were:

Jede Leighton
Kemelius Boyea Jr
Jyan Cato
Hollesha Frederick
Seon Greene
Shackeil Strough
Daron Austin
Tyron Cuffy
Garth Woods
Ansaki Roberts
Raasikh John
Lenique Maloney
Florissa Davis
Corey Davis

The SVGCC: DTVE extends heartfelt thanks to the Mustique Charitable Foundation for partnering with the Division to provide such timely assistance in the form of partial scholarships to aid in these students' academic and personal success.

Walking Tall Project – May 2017

Walking Tall Surgical Team

Walking Tall Surgical Team

Pediatric Scoliosis Surgery Mission Team

  • 21 children receiving diagnostic evaluations (14 SVG, 5 St. Lucia, 2 Grenada)
  • 9 surgeries ( 1 child, 8 teenagers)
  • 3 SVG children received surgeries. (others anticipated for surgery in May did not due to school exams) These children will be prioritized for the next two missions.


Upon last fall’s gift confirmation from the Mustique Charitable Foundation, World Pediatric Project sprung into action to schedule a first time, second scoliosis/ spine repair team within a year to St. Vincent through the Walking Tall program to further address the significant need and waiting list of children and teenagers afflicted with scoliosis. Given the procedure complexity, surgical expertise needed, and cost of the hardware implants, without assistance from World Pediatric Project and the generous support of the Mustique Charitable Foundation and the spine hardware vendor, in this case, Medtronic, few of these children would have a chance for relief of this progressively debilitating condition. The toll of untreated scoliosis is all encompassing, from sometimes dire medical consequences to the lungs and other vital organs of the body, to the social and emotional effects of appearance and inability to participate normally in physical activities.
An unforeseen additional “gift” from the Mustique Charitable Foundation was the opportunity to invite the involvement of a new WPP spine team. Lead surgeon, Dr. Steven Hwang and his team from Shriners Hospital for Children– Philadelphia quickly impressed the WPP team on the ground in St. Vincent and the staff at Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in their skill, efficiency, and overall joy they exhibited to be working with WPP in St. Vincent. By all involved, including Dr. Hwang’s enthusiasm to continue he and his team’s involvement for future surgery missions to St. Vincent, World Pediatric Project is so pleased to have gained another outstanding addition to our ranks of pediatric specialist surgery teams!

Lynessa, 15 years

Jarussa, 18 years

Sue-nique, 12 years

Velanie, 14 years

Carlos, 6 years

Noel, 16 years

Kimesha, 17 years

Ronnie, 18 years

Drew-Ann, 16 years

Rollister, 16 years

Shennelia, 15 years

Jonique, 16 years

Roniqueka, 16 years

Andrea, 12 years

First Team in new WPP – Dedicated Operating Room

Of special note this year, is the debut use of the newly dedicated WPP Operating Theatre.  The specialized orthopedic table, bright lights and other amenities made each surgery more comfortable for the team and efficienct.

A special high-tech “Jackson Table” designed specifically for spine surgeries allowing optimal positioning of the patient for surgery

Dr. Swartz checking the settings on the new anesthesiology machine

the Yag Laser will allow WPP ophthalmologists to perform congenital cataract surgeries

With more than $2 million investment in state-of-the-art equipment made possible by several generous contributors, and the facility space at Milton Cato Memorial Hospital contributed by the government of St. Vincent, this modern facility will now support increasing the volume of WPP teams to the region and capability to perform additionally complex surgeries.
Dr. Steve Hwang

Dr. Steve Hwang

Pediatric Scoliosis Surgery Mission Team

“I was so pleased to have the honor of being the first surgeon to use the new World Pediatric Project Operating Theatre at Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. The spacious OR and specialized equipment assured that our patients received the best care possible in a safe, professional environment.”
- Dr. Steve Hwang



Velanie, age 14 from Georgetown, SVG , has six brothers and loves to hang out with friends. She can’t wait to get better and walk with her friends to get French fries! She is feeling more confident than ever now with her surgery completed and has returned to school which makes her very, very happy.

"I can walk around now feeling happy that the problem is solved... I stand in front of the mirror and smile… After everything is over I'll stand in front of the mirror and say, it was all worth it ."

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Text message to WPP team leader after Velanie returned home.


15-year-old Shenniella from Richland Park, St. Vincent, was the last surgery for the week and 57th patient receiving spine repair surgery since WPP first began this surgery in-country 6 years ago.

She definitely won the sweetest smile award! Dr. Hwang, was amazed how brave she and all of the kids were.


For 12-year-old Sue-Nique from St. David, SVG, getting her surgery now was so important as she would soon be going through a growth spurt and her scoliosis could have gotten much, much worse over the next year.

She is oldest of four children in her family and loves to read.

She told the team she can’t wait to get back to playing her favorite sports of netball, soccer, basketball and volleyball!


Dr. Hwang with a grateful mom!

Parents of the children helped

Dr. Hwang greeting and reassuring patient prior to her surgery

Clinic evaluation observing patient’s spine when extended

checking the x-rays

The WPP team was welcomed for an evening reception at the Prime Minister’s home.

Medtronic representative Caitlyn Mabry prepares the needed hardware selection for a patient


Senior Program Director, Kate Corbett coordinated Walking Tall mission with Dr. Hwang and team and secured spine implant hardware contribution valued at $270k from Medtronic.

Dr. Hwang taught two continuing medical education (CME’s) sessions for local physicians and medical students.



Senior Program Director, Kate Corbett

Walking Tall Project

6 year old Carlos

6-year-old Carlos, who had spine implant surgery last fall, returned for a rod lengthening procedure.

The Mustique Charitable Foundation funded a World Pediatric Project scoiiosis/spinal repair team to St. Vincent in November 2016.

Scoliosis-specific team mobilization is rare given the complexity of this type of surgery and the costs associated with the necessary spine hardware implants, typically $50-$60k in cost per patient.

65 children received diagnostic evaluations

9 children scheduled for surgery with the most complex or those traveling the furthest being scheduled for the earliest surgery slots.


Walking Tall Project November Report

Children and their families came from throughout St. Vincent as well as from further distances in the region. They’ve been prepared in advance to bring their needed medical records and x-rays to allow the WPP team to work efficiently during clinic day.


Junelle was so happy when she learned World Pediatric Project’s spine repair team was scheduled to travel to St. Vincent and that she had been accepted for surgery. A slender 14-year-old teenager, Junelle’s severe 78-degree spine curvature was not only physically detrimental, but also socially devastating. For Junelle, this surgery meant the end of an era of being teased and ashamed that she did not look like everyone else.

While Junelle was all smiles the day she was admitted to MCMH, her mother felt the normal nervous emotions of family members prior to surgery. Her fears were relieved upon hearing the happy news of the successful surgery and her “baby girl” was doing great.

Junelle was upright and walking the next day, and her mother could not wait to have a photo of the fabulous doctors that took such good care of her cherished daughter.

Walking Tall Project - Junelle
Walking Tall Project - Delroy


18-year-old Delroy is charming, polite, and very brave. He arrived for clinic day and his probable surgery without any family accompanying him. Perhaps his older age also contributed to the many questions and fears he exhibited before his surgery day.

Being there without a parent, he clung to WPP Country Director, Jackie King as a mother figure to him during the week.

After his successful spine repair surgery, everyone, in- cluding family members of other patients, helped look after him.

He was exuberant with his gratitude and relief that the surgery was over and pain was manageable.

Walking Tall Project

WPP Surgical Team

Walking Tall Project

Chris Pinney, Medtronic Spine rep., explaining the spine system hardware to Lavinia Gunn & Simon Carey

Linda Harrier and mother looking at the VEPTR rod system that is in Carlos’ back

The Walking Tall Project

Linda Harrier with patient Carlos

The extreme spine curvature of a WPP patient, typical of the severity of scoliosis

The Walking Tall Project

The WPP's Walking Tall Project initiative addresses this condition for more than a dozen patients each year

Some of the beautiful children helped during the week

The Walking Tall Project - Hadassah


The Walking Tall Project - Philorne


The Walking Tall Project - Chaira


The Walking Tall Project - Azaria


The Walking Tall Project - Jarusha


The Walking Tall Project - Charitianna


The Walking Tall Project - Tahjou


The Walking Tall Project - Jayon